Shipping & Delivery

How shipping and delivery process works

Shipping & Delivery

1. Ground delivery. We send kittens to your door using courier services. This method of distribution is only effective in neighboring states. The cost varies depending on the delivery location and ranges from $200 to $400; for a quote, please contact us.

2. Air delivery to every state is $250 to $300 depending on your delivery location. Delta Cargo, United Airlines Nanny and Go Shipping is our primary carrier. With Delta Cargo or Go Shipping, you can have your package delivered to your nearest airport or Home Address. You must complete an Air Delivery Application, after which we will book your flight and provide you with all necessary details to pick up your kitten. At the airline's facility, you must present your ID and a copy of the air-way bill. If the temperature at any stage is more than 85 degrees or less than 25 degrees, a choice is not open. Contact us for more information 


You can only return the cat if a genetic disease is discovered, according to the sales contract.
Allergy to the cat is not a reason to send it back.
It is not a reason to return a kitten that has stopped using a litter box. (However, we will still assist in acclimating him to the litter box.)